oftp2The outstanding Chinese EDI service provider, CEDEX, announced on 9th December of 2016, that the solution cftp3.0 of the company has passed the OFTP2 test authorized by Odette. To ensure that these different software products fully meet the OFTP2 specification (RFC5024) and can communicate successfully with each other, Odette has established an interoperability testing service. By passing the test, the solution introduced by CEDEX might be able to provide services like secure handling of confidential transmissions, management of files of various format and size, meanwhile employment of digital signature, compression and encryption.

Apart from CEDEX, there are more than twenty companies who are recognized by Odette in the OFTP2 community. Those companies are: Axway,  IBM, Seeburger,T-systems,TTo Eurodata Gruppe, etc.

Odette 的OFTP2测试证书