CEDEX was founded in August 2005 and is now a leading and licensed EDI services provider in China. The company is recognized as the first EDI value added telecommunications service license holder in China, aiming to provide 7/24 secured data transmission, ERP integration and EDI applications both on customer premises and in the cloud, which is cooperated with partners all over the world.

CEDEX focuses primarily on the automotive industry and by the end of 2015 has cooperated with more than 17 automotive OEMs and over 4200 suppliers around the world. Since 2013, CEDEX has expanded its EDI over internet services to giant e-Commerce operators, traditional retails sectors and other supply chain related industries.Meanwhile, the company acts as a Registration Authority (RA) for ODETTE CA & China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA), which are unique digital identifications and secured data transmissions among business partners over public internet connections.