1-161121114240338On November 14-15, 2016, the 2016 China Automotive Logistics Annual Conference was held in Xiamen, China. More than 400 enterprises from different industrial branches (working on automotive manufactures, OEM parts supplement, automotive logistics, and logistics equipment technologies) have played a significant role in the conference. Besides Chinese industrial enterprises, 430 representatives from governmental departments, research institutes, and industrial association together with international companies from United Kingdom, France, the United States, Germany and Japan have showed their opinion towards the future of Chinese automotive market. The theme of conference concentrated on “Rebirth in Integration”, majorly focused on the policy, organization, operations, technology and other aspects of Chinese automotive and logistics industry.

During the conference, Mr. Mingguang Cheng, CEO of China Enterprise online Data Exchange Services Ltd. has delivered a speech on topic “Current Situation of China’s Automobile Logistics Development”,  the presentation is titled as “Influence of Labeling and Packaging of Automobile Parts” , which is widely discussed and supported by the conference.1-161121115242353

China Automotive Logistics Association(CALA) of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing(CFLP) is regarded as one of the most influential logistic and industrial associations in China. The goals of CFLP include pushing the development of logistics industry in China, boosting the development of procurement business of the government and enterprises. The government authorizes CFLP in foreign affairs, science and technology, trade statistics and standards drafting & revising. According to the decision
of the association, Mr. Mingguang Cheng, CEO of CEDEX has elected as the Vice President of the fourth council of CALA.