2EB059C8-7C9B-4CF3-9B99-F022E13ED3AA-21593-0000085F2D7EB975_tmpBy December this year, CEDEX and Encode Sweden have achieved 5-year partnership since cooperation. On 1st December 2017, Mr. Cheng and Mr Liao from CEDEX, together with Mr. Michael Bogren and Mr. Mikael Johansson visited SLA Team of VCC in Jiading, Shanghai. All team members have participated in the meeting and discussed the further cooperation with CEDEX/Encode. During this meeting, several agreements have been made and both parties agreed that the annual meeting shall be scheduled for solving the problem and understanding the customer needs. SLA Team of VCC spoke highly of CEDEX/Encode’s services and showed willing to further cooperation.

D06F8BC4-5D2A-4AAC-A4F5-A764FF2F09E7-21593-0000085F252B12E4_tmpOn 4th-7th December, companied by representatives of SLA team of VCC, representatives of CEDEX and Encode have visited five JIS suppliers located in Chengdu. The visit has enabled them a better understanding in implementing TWIMS platform in bumper, exhaust, ABC pillar and other manufacturing process. Representatives of the CEDEX/Encode have communicated with employees of the supplier factories, the detailed communication provided them knowledges of how to modify the system and provide better and easier services for the suppliers.

By 2017,  VCC has produced more than 100,000 autos in China. This success encouraged VCC continuously plan it’s global investment. According to VCC Shanghai, VCC Chareston, SC, is under construction and they have chosen around ten suppliers from China for manufacturing. Meanwhile, VCC factories in Malaysia and India are also shows their will to hose Chinese suppliers as well. VCC also announced that Clean-Energy Auto (Polestar) foundation will also located in Chengdu in following years. At that time, more than hundreds of suppliers will adopt EDI for JIT and JIS delivery. This would be a great opportunity for CEDEX/Encode and both partners have confidence in providing qualified and professional services for clients.