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Cloud Computing Platform

Cloud Computing Platform of CEDEX provides a simplified supply chain EDI solution with an affordable price for players. This solution enables all the applications stored within the centralized platform to be shared by the business partners of any modern supply chain with recognized secured methods over public internet, meanwhile the business data maintenance could also be communicated between selected partners under the protection of Cloud Computing Platform.

With the application of Cloud Computing Platform-EDI solutions, all the data mapping, packaging data maintenance will be done by our experienced EDI experts, the pressures placed on EDI professional employees on the supplier’s side would be released. Thus, the third party Cloud Computing platform EDI serves as the best solution in saving suppliers’ time and costs regarding the application of EDI techniques but still maintaining a high level in the logistics flow.

China e-AutoHub

China e-AutoHub is a leading B2B online e-commerce platform; it is based on Electronic Data Interexchange (EDI) standards such as EDIFACT, ANSI X.12, VDA, RosettaNet, etc. in order to provide EDI connection, data mapping and secured data transmission services and business partner management over internet for both buyers and their suppliers on a global level. It is an upgraded Value Added Network over Internet (VAN).

Since 2007, EX6, a Collaborative e-commerce Applications software for Supplier Relationship Management (CeA-SRM v2.0) derived from China e-AutoHub has been successfully implemented by Beijing Foton Auto Group and Shenyang Brilliance Auto Group in China, as well as the suppliers of Chang’an Ford and Shenyang BMW Brilliance Auto. The platform has interfaced with ERP systems including SAP, ORACLE, QAD, UFIDA, etc. It can provide Web EDI, Supplier Sourcing, Forecast/ORDERS collaborative, Logistic Visibility, e-INVOICE and e-financial settlements as well as Supplier Performance Evaluations.

By the end of 2015, China e-AutoHub serves 17 OEMs and more than 4200 suppliers around the world.

Network Alliance

A Network Alliance is a partnership in the EDI sector like the “Star Alliance” in civil aviation, which shares customer resources and saves service costs to stabilize the EDI data links between China and other countries. These service methods ensures the internet instability between two regions and reduce the costs of communication cross different countries.

E-Contract Cloud Platform

Electronic Signature

The “People’s Republic of China Electronic Signature Law” has been officially implemented on April 1, 2005, after 10 years of application practice, in April 28, 2015 released a revised version. China’s electronic signature has been widely used in the most advanced industries, and is moving to traditional industries.

Contract has become a widely accepted form in people’s cooperation. Traditionally, contracts are signed in persons. For fixed partners, the contracts could be passed by fax or post. This method is inefficient, and whether the seal on the contract is a legitimate one remains unidentified, the contract management costs are relatively large. Traditional contracts simply can not meet the “efficient, safe” business processing requirements.

CEDEX has professional experience in working with China Financial Certification Center (CFCA) for many years regarding the financial industry security services. Now CEDEX has a complete set of reliable electronic contract solution, which includes authoritative electronic certification, reliable digital signatures, secure data services, and perfect justice Protection, from the technical to create a safe, fair, just and open trading environment, and effectively protect the interests of the parties to the contract. The core of CEDEX electronic contract cloud platform is electronic signature technology. This enable users to issue digital certificates and provide data messaging or electronic contract documents online sign, storage and management services.

In the contract signed by CEDEX electronic contract platform, CEDEX can assist the user in the issuance of electronic evidence once the contractor has dispute to be solve.

CFCA as a third-party electronic certification body, which is able to directly issue electronic signature verification report, as well as electronic evidence for judiciary purpose. The electronic contract platform works with the Electronic Data Judiciary Center to provide a more professional and efficient electronic proof service. Electronic contract platform and notary office can provide contract notarization services.