From January 14th to January 19th, 2019, Mr. Mingguang Cheng, CEO of CEDEX, conducted a visit to the MINGHUA DE MEXICO, subsidiary to Jiangnan Mould and Plastic. The visit was based on the arrangement of the Jiangnan Mould and Plastic. Invited by the Mexican Plant, Mr. Cheng reviewed the EDI business application of JIS/JIT/Bulk in accordance with BMW Group Plant SLP. This visit would provide a comprehensive solution to meet BMW’s supply chain business consulting and information systems.

The solution would ensure that the Minghua Mexico plant fully meets its customer requirements: integrates with internal business systems, and automatically breaks down customer demand plans into procurement plans for sub-suppliers. The program would automatically deliver the sequential assembly of the sorting parts, the sequential packing and the scan code verification sequence for the parts delivered by JIS; for the parts delivered by JIT/Bulk, the solution would complete the packing list and shipping labels required by the customer, then generate to print, scan the code to verify the consistency of the packing list and the physical object, scan the code and deliver the advance delivery notice (ASN) to the customer. After the shipment is completed, the solution needs to integrate the customer-confirmed delivery notice (ASN) into the ERP system, automate financial reconciliation and financial settlement, and complete the on-demand manufacturing process from customer order to receipt in the digital supply chain.

CEDEX has provided digital supply chain EDI services to its OEM customers for a number of factories under Jiangnan Mould and Plastic. It has a unified and mature comprehensive solution through the global Internet and mature information security technologies. It is easy to integrate Jiangnan Mould and Plastic’s global factories into a unified service platform to help Jiangnan join the global supply chain.