In March 2020, the Accounting Department of the Ministry of Finance issued the “Notice on Regulating Electronic Accounting Vouchers Reimbursement and Filing”, which stipulates that various legal and true accounting vouchers accepted in electronic forms such as electronic invoices and electronic bills shall have the same legal validity.

In May this year, the Ministry of Commerce and Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, and the relevant departments of the State Administration of Taxation decided to include Foton Motor Co., Ltd. as a pilot enterprise for electronic reimbursement and filing of electronic invoices. CEDEX will assist Foton Motor Co., Ltd. in completing the pilot tasks, which includes: conducting the electronic reimbursement of electronic invoices and accounting; conducting the pilot work of electronic invoice filing; summarizing and promoting the experience and practices of electronic invoice file management.

On the existing supply chain EDI platform, CEDEX will expand the automated services for electronic invoicing, inspection, and deductions, and is connected to the tax department system to implement the entire process of electronic invoicing.