After nearly a year of preparation, CEDEX Training Team obtained the Odette certification on Global MMOG/LE v5 training partner qualification on October 28, 2020. In accordance with the requirements of the training syllabus, CEDEX training team completed a unified training lesson preparation plan and passed Odette’s acceptance review.

There are 16 modules in the MMOG/LE v5 training course. Trainees who are qualified to complete the standard training courses can obtain a training certificate jointly issued by AIAG, Odette and CEDEX. The qualified trainees are generally recognized by the international automotive industry and have the ability to independently carry out MMOG/LE assessment.

CEDEX has long been committed to the promotion and application of the global material management operation guide/logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) industry standard in the Chinese automobile industry. In addition to applying technology platforms to help Chinese auto parts suppliers provide technical services in accordance with MMOG/LE industry standards, CEDEX also actively participates in the support and training, and education of users of this industry-standard in China. CEDEX actively participates in the preparation and formulation of the global training syllabus of MMOG/LE v5 organized by Odette.

The 2021 training course is initially expected to be held on April 16 and September 10.