CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) is one of the world’s largest electronic technology exhibitions. Since it was first held in New York in 1967, CES has been leading the latest technology trends in the electronics manufacturing industry for more than 50 years. 2023 CES was held in Las Vegas in January 2023, with daily traffic of more than 15,000 people. More than 3,700 exhibitors have been divided into 24 themes, such as 5G and smart home. We found that Chinese companies were exhibiting under each theme.

The major future technology trends presented at CES focused on XR (VR, AR and other virtual reality technologies), smart electric cars, smart homes and other directions. Developers of the metaverse went a step further by making smell and touch as part of the virtual world experience; car manufacturers stepped out of the traditional manufacturing industry and added new services such as intelligent voice and big data computing to the driving experience; smart homes also proposed services more tailored to customer health. Through a large number of case studies, we can feel that technology companies are trying to solve one of the major needs of consumers – interaction and feedback – through constantly evolving technology. The future of technology will focus more on the interaction between electronic technology and consumers as well as social life.

Under these circumstances, the concepts of “digital supply chain”, “digital twin” and “logistics metaverse” proposed by CEDEX at CES 2023 are in line with the theme of the show. CEDEX hopes to provide customers with high-quality EDI services and realize the unification of information flow, logistics and capital flow between buyers and sellers. Therefore, the information flow in the virtual world, as well as the logistics and capital flow in the real world, can become a pair of “digital twins”. The interaction and feedback are completed in the virtual world, thus reducing the cost and inventory in the real world. In addition, CEDEX’s EEEU loading project has received a lot of attention.  Some well-known manufacturers came to our booth to ask about the details of the loading project and said they all had similar needs. This also boosted the confidence of the project’s development and sales team.

2023 was the first time CEDEX to exhibit at CES. through the show, we gained a more detailed understanding of our existing customers, such as Leedarson and Texas Instruments. CEDEX has learned from the sales department about market segments, customer composition, and the upstream and downstream of the commodity market. With the change of covid policies, Chinese exhibitors at CES are gradually returning, and there were a large number of Chinese exhibitors at this show. Talking with dozens of Chinese exhibiting manufacturing companies during the show, we found that they all used Texas Instruments’ electronic components in one way or another. During the communication with many Chinese and overseas exhibitors, CEDEX also learned about some leading companies in China’s electronics manufacturing industry. This has laid the foundation for further market development.

Through this exhibition at CES, CEDEX is convinced that the digital supply chain is the future direction of logistics management and the way to connect to the future world. The communication with many exhibitors also broadened our business horizon and helped us prepare the business plan in the coming year.