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Mr. Mingguang Cheng is elected as the Vice President CALA during 2016 annual Conference

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1-161121114240338On November 14-15, 2016, the 2016 China Automotive Logistics Annual Conference was held in Xiamen, China. More than 400 enterprises from different industrial branches (working on automotive manufactures, OEM parts supplement, automotive logistics, and logistics equipment technologies) have played a significant role in the conference. Besides Chinese industrial enterprises, 430 representatives from governmental departments, research institutes, and industrial association together with international companies from United Kingdom, France, the United States, Germany and Japan have showed their opinion towards the future of Chinese automotive market. The theme of conference concentrated on “Rebirth in Integration”, majorly focused on the policy, organization, operations, technology and other aspects of Chinese automotive and logistics industry.

During the conference, Mr. Mingguang Cheng, CEO of China Enterprise online Data Exchange Services Ltd. has delivered a speech on topic “Current Situation of China’s Automobile Logistics Development”,  the presentation is titled as “Influence of Labeling and Packaging of Automobile Parts” , which is widely discussed and supported by the conference.1-161121115242353

China Automotive Logistics Association(CALA) of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing(CFLP) is regarded as one of the most influential logistic and industrial associations in China. The goals of CFLP include pushing the development of logistics industry in China, boosting the development of procurement business of the government and enterprises. The government authorizes CFLP in foreign affairs, science and technology, trade statistics and standards drafting & revising. According to the decision
of the association, Mr. Mingguang Cheng, CEO of CEDEX has elected as the Vice President of the fourth council of CALA.

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Products of CEDEX- cftp3.0 has passed the OFTP2 interoperability Test of Odette

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oftp2The outstanding Chinese EDI service provider, CEDEX, announced on 9th December of 2016, that the solution cftp3.0 of the company has passed the OFTP2 test authorized by Odette. To ensure that these different software products fully meet the OFTP2 specification (RFC5024) and can communicate successfully with each other, Odette has established an interoperability testing service. By passing the test, the solution introduced by CEDEX might be able to provide services like secure handling of confidential transmissions, management of files of various format and size, meanwhile employment of digital signature, compression and encryption.

Apart from CEDEX, there are more than twenty companies who are recognized by Odette in the OFTP2 community. Those companies are: Axway,  IBM, Seeburger,T-systems,TTo Eurodata Gruppe, etc.

Odette 的OFTP2测试证书

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Representatives of CEDEX participated and delivered inspiring speech in ODETTE 2015

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_DSC0703The international conference and exhibition of ODETTE 2015 was taken place during 30th Nov. to 01st Dec. in Munich, Germany. Since the automotive industry is moving fast during the past years globally, keeping up the most advanced trends and catching the opportunities in this rapid changing environment have become the major challenges for all the OEMs as well as suppliers. Under this circumstances, the conference and exhibition of ODETTE 2015 targets Innovative Technologies for an Agile Supply Chain as the major topic to discuss. More than 300 delegates from 25 countries joined the conference and participated with 31 presentations delivered by 41 presenters from influencing international companies. Speakers and delegates cover the full spectrum of the automotive industry, from vehicle manufacturers and major equipment makers, through large tier 1 suppliers to lower tier suppliers.

Since the year of 2015 is considered as a shifting year for Chinese automotive industry, ODETTE 2015 designed a session for the discussion of Chinese market. Three Chinese entities joined the session and delivered inspiring presentations. Mr. Marcus Zießler from Atwood Logistic System (Suzhou) expressed concerns and cultural shock when dealing with Chinese companies as an European. Prof.Daijun Fang drew on his extensive knowledge of automotive in China to provide some insight on the future direction of the industry in general and automotive logistic in particular. As the exclusive Chinese EDI provider joining the conference, CEDEX shared experiences and challenges of achieving the agile supply chain in China. CEDEX consider the year of 2015 as a watershed for Chinese market. The decrease of the rate of growth suggests the necessity of transformation of Chinese automotive industry. By sharing cases of the successful implement of EDI, JIS/JIT standard as well as MMOG/LE assessment and auditing among Chinese suppliers, it is convinced that Chinese automotive industry is well prepared for accepting agile supply chain as the best choice to embrace the future. The declaration of CEDEX is highly spoken by audiences, scholars and experts.

_DSC0630Apart from the session of Chinese automotive industry, Mr. Thomas Heptner from Audi Neckarsulm shared their understanding of the concept of New Logistics and the successful implementation during manufacturing. Mr. Houssam Hage, the Vice President of Michelin explained their efforts in achieving agile supply chain in Michelin with humorous and enthusiasm. Mrs. Doris Schwerdt from Audi and Mrs. Karin Lehniger from Volkswagen gave a speech on how Volkswagen promotes EDI technology globally and encourages suppliers to adopt this technique. Moreover, Industry 4.0 is also a heated topic during the conference. Mr. Mark Morley from OpenText provided an overview of how new disruptive technologies will impact future automotive supply chains, while Mr. Nils Knofius, PhD Candidate from University of Twente demonstrated the application and potential market of 3D printing from an academic aspect.

Excursions of ODETTE 2015 includes the visiting of BMW Plant/BMW Welt and MAN Plant. By visiting the assembly line of MAN and communicating with workers, it is recognised that German industry is deeply rooted in it’s historical traditions while holding an open mind. As one of the leading EDI suppliers in China, CEDEX is willing to share the culture of diligence of German industry, meanwhile adapting ourselves to the rapid changing environment of Chinese Industry 2025 by international cooperation and communication.

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Meeting CEDEX

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CEDEX was founded in August 2005 and is now a leading and licensed EDI services provider in China. The company is recognized as the first EDI value added telecommunications service license holder in China, aiming to provide 7/24 secured data transmission, ERP integration and EDI applications both on customer premises and in the cloud, which is cooperated with partners all over the world.

CEDEX focuses primarily on the automotive industry and by the end of 2015 has cooperated with more than 17 automotive OEMs and over 4200 suppliers around the world. Since 2013, CEDEX has expanded its EDI over internet services to giant e-Commerce operators, traditional retails sectors and other supply chain related industries.Meanwhile, the company acts as a Registration Authority (RA) for ODETTE CA & China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA), which are unique digital identifications and secured data transmissions among business partners over public internet connections.