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Mid-2019 Summary: Team Building – Embracing the World

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On July 6, 2019, the China Enterprise Data Team held a 2019 mid-term summary meeting at the Palace Garden Hotel and Resorts in Haidian, Beijing.



This mid-term summary meeting first reviewed the team-building trip in early 2019: Visiting Japan. So far, the team of CEDEX has visited Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and other places for excursion. These all provided a better understanding of CEDEX family to learn service-oriented societies in Asia. This trip to Japan also brought new impetus and insight to the employees of the CEDEX.

This meeting has also reached an agreement on human resources reform due to the implementation of the project over the past year. In the first half of the year, CEDEX signed contracts with CFCA and also get involved in projects with several suppliers of IKEA. In addition, the projects of Haldex and Hengtai Groups are also reached significant progress.

In the second half of 2019, the company’s data will expand the scope of services, deepen service reform, and provide our customers with higher quality technical support and services.

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CEO of CEDEX was invited to attend the 2nd “C2M Supply Chain Innovation Seminar for Automotive Industry” in Guangzhou

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On May 15, 2019, Mr. Cheng Mingguang, CEO of CEDEX was invited to attend the 2nd “C2M Supply Chain Innovation Seminar for Automotive Industry” held by China Automotive Industry Association Information Service Committee in Guangzhou. Mr. Cheng has delivered a public speech entitled “Intelligence integration: C2M Digital Supply Chain Standards and Industry Practices”.

According to the representative of SAIC Group’s HASCO Automotive Co., Ltd., SAIC Volkswagen has started to upgrade the current WebEDI to direct EDI for its suppliers of HASCO Automotive from 2017. By the time of the conference, 12 suppliers have completed the upgrading and have functioned in data integration and business collaboration.

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CEDEX started to provide EDI service for local suppliers of IKEA, Sweden

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On April 19, 2019, CEDEX signed the first digital supply chain service contract with a Chinese supplier of IKEA, Sweden. This marks that CEDEX officially entered the retail industry and began to provide business collaboration services for the digital supply chain in the non-manufacturing sector.

During the Odette Annual Conference 2018 in Lille, France, Mr. Cheng Mingguang, CEO of CEDEX, and Mr. Hans Berggren, CEO of PipeChain, Sweden, reached a business cooperation agreement. This agreement emphasis that Pipechain would identify 30 international buyers among their current existing Swedish clients list and promote Pipechain/CEDEX digital supply chain solutions to those 30 buyers. Based on the shared information, Pipechain and CEDEX will work together to promote the direct EDI connection and business collaboration for their suppliers based on the Network Alliance (NA) platform.

The promotion was positively responded by Swedish buyers such as IKEA, Haldex and Boxon and their Chinese suppliers. IKEA hopes that Pipechain and CEDEX will assist IKEA in optimizing the digital supply chain business synergy globally, promoting the direct EDI connection for the suppliers, and willingly to select three Chinese suppliers as pilots suppliers.

To expand cooperation, Mr. Cheng invited Mr. Berggren to visit the factories of local suppliers in China. After more than three months of preparation, Pipechain team start their two-week trip to China by the end of March 2019. Pipechain and CEDEX have jointly visited Chinese suppliers of Volvo, IKEA, etc. to promote the digital supply chain and business integration.


IMG_4762During the trip to China, Mr. Tao Ye, project manager of CEDEX, and Mr. Wei Zhi, the implementation consultant of the company, together with Pipechain Global SME Sales Director Mikael Johansson and Miss Johanna Cheung have visited suppliers of IKEA furniture and Volvo cars in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai areas. The itinerary was from March 24, 2019, to March 30. The team has visited IKEA furniture supplier Enlong Industrial (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd., Leedarson Xiamen Energy-saving Lighting Group Co., Ltd., Faurecia Hangzhou Factory and Volvo Luqiao plant. On April 3, the team has attended the “C2M Supply Chain Innovation Seminar for Automotive Industry” held by the Information Service Committee of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers in Shanghai.

On April 4, Mr. Cheng and CEDEX colleagues met with Mr. Berggren and the Pipechain team in Beijing to sign a cooperation agreement. The agreement focuses on the first 30 potential Swedish buyers. Pipechain and CEDEX have agreed on the cooperation plan for providing digital supply chain data integration and business synergy for the local suppliers in China. According to the plan, the number of suppliers will expand from 200 to 1,000 in the following three years.

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Mr. Cheng, CEO of CEDEX, visited MINGHUA DE MEXIO

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From January 14th to January 19th, 2019, Mr. Mingguang Cheng, CEO of CEDEX, conducted a visit to the MINGHUA DE MEXICO, subsidiary to Jiangnan Mould and Plastic. The visit was based on the arrangement of the Jiangnan Mould and Plastic. Invited by the Mexican Plant, Mr. Cheng reviewed the EDI business application of JIS/JIT/Bulk in accordance with BMW Group Plant SLP. This visit would provide a comprehensive solution to meet BMW’s supply chain business consulting and information systems.

The solution would ensure that the Minghua Mexico plant fully meets its customer requirements: integrates with internal business systems, and automatically breaks down customer demand plans into procurement plans for sub-suppliers. The program would automatically deliver the sequential assembly of the sorting parts, the sequential packing and the scan code verification sequence for the parts delivered by JIS; for the parts delivered by JIT/Bulk, the solution would complete the packing list and shipping labels required by the customer, then generate to print, scan the code to verify the consistency of the packing list and the physical object, scan the code and deliver the advance delivery notice (ASN) to the customer. After the shipment is completed, the solution needs to integrate the customer-confirmed delivery notice (ASN) into the ERP system, automate financial reconciliation and financial settlement, and complete the on-demand manufacturing process from customer order to receipt in the digital supply chain.

CEDEX has provided digital supply chain EDI services to its OEM customers for a number of factories under Jiangnan Mould and Plastic. It has a unified and mature comprehensive solution through the global Internet and mature information security technologies. It is easy to integrate Jiangnan Mould and Plastic’s global factories into a unified service platform to help Jiangnan join the global supply chain.

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CEDEX journey to Japan

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From 26th. January to 1st. February, CEDEX staff had their journey to Japan for team building. The automotive industry and service industry of Japan is considered as an outstanding example in Asia, and it was a good opportunity for CEDEX to realize the spirit of Japanese service as well as the industry chain. The experience in Japan will encourage CEDEX to reach an even higher standard and provide better service for our customers, meanwhile expand more cooperation partners globally.

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CEDEX has been nominated by China Automotive Industry Yearbook 2018

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Due to its excellent business capabilities and innovative technology Cedex has been included in the “China Automotive Industry Yearbook 2018” as “the world’s leading data exchange (EDI) service provider” and being highly recognized in the article.

The “China Automotive Industry Yearbook” is edited and published under the leadership of the State-owned Assets Management Committee, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Machinery Industry Federation, in accordance with the principles approved by the annual review committee. It is a continuous, comprehensive, authentic and authoritative large-scale historical material reference book that tracks and reflects the development of various aspects of China’s automobile industry. The book is now sponsored by the China Automotive Technology and Research Center.



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Cedex become EDI service provider of PoleStar Volvo

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Start from 2019, Cedex will be EDI service provider for the Chinese suppliers of PoleStar Volvo in supporting of inbound logistics. Polestar is the Volvo Cars performance company specifically focus on development of electric performance cars. In October 2017 Polestar announced its new business strategy as the electric performance brand together with the reveal of its first car, the Polestar 1, in Shanghai. China is the world’s biggest automotive market. But more importantly it’s also the biggest and fastest growing market for electric cars. Now, Polestar is back in China to meet with potential customers at Auto China 2018 in Beijing.

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Cedex participated in VDA China Conference at Shanghai

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On 21st. November 2018, CEO of Cedex, Mr.Mingguang Cheng has participated in the specific conference of automotive logistic industry hold by VDA China at headquarter Bosch in Shanghai. The conference of VDA logistic managers is held every year in China, specifically focus on the development of Chinese automotive market.

During the conference, Mr. Cheng has discussed with Mr. Robert Cameron, person in charge of VDA automotive logistic, regarding the cooperation opportunity between Cedex and VDA logistic. Mr. Cameron has introduced their business partners and being welcome for the future cooperation with Cedex.

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Cedex joined Odette2018 Conference in Lille France

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Odette 2018 Conference was taken place in Lille France on 12/13 November. For this year, the topic was focused on “The Drive to Digital: Disruption or Discovery”. The transformation of business drove by digitalization is commonly referred to as digital disruption. Under this circumstances, businesses must be agile and focus on responding efficiently to fundamental changes. Odette International has always been at the forefront of the information revolution thus the topic was re-focused during the conference this year.

As representative of Cedex, Mr. Mingguang Cheng and Mr. Bin Liao have joined the conference this year. During the conference, Cedex has given a speech on digitalization of supply chain as well as the analysis of current market in China. Cedex also met several cooperation partners from all around the world and had a deep discussion about digitalization and cooperation opportunities.

On 14th November, Cedex and committee of Odette International had a bilateral meeting in Lille. Both parties have reviewed the RA cooperation of Odette CA, also discussed the further cooperation of in Chinese market. Cedex and Odette International are both very satisfied with the cooperation for past years, meanwhile looking forward for further cooperatively programs in various prospects.