On August 6, as the health-alert standard just decreased to Level 3 in Beijing, Mr. Zhongqiu Lee, Manager of Beijing KFTEC, has visited CEDEX (who is providing EDI services for Volvo Cars and automotive suppliers) for better communication on the DELFOR and  CALL OFF of Volvo Car’s clients, as well as their internal management business integration scheme of ERP system. The technology can help the enterprises to meet customer requirements and qualified for through Global MMOG/LE v5 annual review. Beijing KFTEC Auto parts Manufacturing Co., LTD. Is a Korean invested enterprise. The main business scope of the company includes production, assembly and processing of engine emission control devices, air filters, etc.

After communication, the two parties made a Benchmark for the MMOG/LE V5 version of the customer by continuously improving the digital level of the supply chain between Volvo Cars as well as the 2-n tier suppliers. Meanwhile, CEDEX will help KFTEC to explore the market among CEDEX’s existing OEMs partners.