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CEDEX joined CES 2023 in Las Vegas

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CES (The Consumer Electronics Show) is one of the world’s largest electronic technology exhibitions. Since it was first held in New York in 1967, CES has been leading the latest technology trends in the electronics manufacturing industry for more than 50 years. 2023 CES was held in Las Vegas in January 2023, with daily traffic of more than 15,000 people. More than 3,700 exhibitors have been divided into 24 themes, such as 5G and smart home. We found that Chinese companies were exhibiting under each theme.

The major future technology trends presented at CES focused on XR (VR, AR and other virtual reality technologies), smart electric cars, smart homes and other directions. Developers of the metaverse went a step further by making smell and touch as part of the virtual world experience; car manufacturers stepped out of the traditional manufacturing industry and added new services such as intelligent voice and big data computing to the driving experience; smart homes also proposed services more tailored to customer health. Through a large number of case studies, we can feel that technology companies are trying to solve one of the major needs of consumers – interaction and feedback – through constantly evolving technology. The future of technology will focus more on the interaction between electronic technology and consumers as well as social life.

Under these circumstances, the concepts of “digital supply chain”, “digital twin” and “logistics metaverse” proposed by CEDEX at CES 2023 are in line with the theme of the show. CEDEX hopes to provide customers with high-quality EDI services and realize the unification of information flow, logistics and capital flow between buyers and sellers. Therefore, the information flow in the virtual world, as well as the logistics and capital flow in the real world, can become a pair of “digital twins”. The interaction and feedback are completed in the virtual world, thus reducing the cost and inventory in the real world. In addition, CEDEX’s EEEU loading project has received a lot of attention.  Some well-known manufacturers came to our booth to ask about the details of the loading project and said they all had similar needs. This also boosted the confidence of the project’s development and sales team.

2023 was the first time CEDEX to exhibit at CES. through the show, we gained a more detailed understanding of our existing customers, such as Leedarson and Texas Instruments. CEDEX has learned from the sales department about market segments, customer composition, and the upstream and downstream of the commodity market. With the change of covid policies, Chinese exhibitors at CES are gradually returning, and there were a large number of Chinese exhibitors at this show. Talking with dozens of Chinese exhibiting manufacturing companies during the show, we found that they all used Texas Instruments’ electronic components in one way or another. During the communication with many Chinese and overseas exhibitors, CEDEX also learned about some leading companies in China’s electronics manufacturing industry. This has laid the foundation for further market development.

Through this exhibition at CES, CEDEX is convinced that the digital supply chain is the future direction of logistics management and the way to connect to the future world. The communication with many exhibitors also broadened our business horizon and helped us prepare the business plan in the coming year.

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中企数据参展CES 2023

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CESThe Consumer Electronics Show)是全球最大的电子科技展览之一。自1967年在纽约首次开展以来,CES在过去五十多年里一直引领着电子制造业的最新技术趋势。2023年的CES20231月在拉斯维加斯举办,每日客流量超过15000人次,3700多家企业参展,分为5G、智能家居、数字健康等24个主题,在每个主题下都有中国企业参展。


顺应时代潮流,中企数据在CES 2023上提出的数字化供应链数字孪生以及物流元宇宙的概念正与本次展会的主题相契合,表明了中企数据未来的发展方向。中企数据希望为客户提供优质的EDI服务,实现买卖双方完成信息流、物流和资金流合一,让双方在虚拟世界的信息流,以及现实世界的物流和资金流成为一对数字孪生。在虚拟世界完成交互与反馈,从而降低现实世界的成本和库存。此外,中企数据的鲸装优托项目受到关注,一些知名制造商来到我们的展台询问关于装柜项目的细节,并表示他们都有相似的需求。这也让该项目的开发销售团队信心倍增。



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CeA-SRM V5.0及CeA-oftp2 V2.0获国家专利证书

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Copyright issued for CeA-SRM and CeA-oftp2

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With the deepening of supply chain digitization in different industries, CEDEX continues increasing the input of research and development . To maintain the highest quality service, CEDEX has upgraded the supplier relationship management software (CeA-SRM) V5.0, and the Internet secure data transmission software (CeA-oftp2) V2.0. Both software have obtained the computer software copyright registration certificate from the National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China. Both software have been put into use, and have won unanimous praise from customers.

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CEDEX team had a Mid-Autumn trip to Great Wall and Changyu Winery

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To celebrate the mid-Autumn festival, CEDEX has organized an excursion from September 17th to 20th to visit Mutianyu Great Wall and the winery at Changyuafip.

Staff from Wuhan Office has arrived in Beijing 3 days earlier for preparation. On the 17th, the CEDEX team departed to Rghcm resorts and stayed for the night. The team headed to Mutianyu Great Wall on the next day. The journey was not easy due to weather and environmental reasons; however, the two groups supported each other and finally reached the highest watchtower of Mutianyu. From the top of Great Wall, our team has captured the beauty of autumn in Beijing and sincerely believed that it is the power of cooperation that brought us to this height.

The Great Wall experience has brought a great discussion on the semi-annual meetings. The meeting on the 19th was the first off-line meeting after the pandemic crisis. Our colleagues have prepared some interesting shows as a new method for summarizing the past months’ work. As the meeting was taken at the 100-days count-down to 2022, CEDEX team has agreed on the mutual goals the company may achieve by the end of the year.

On September 20th, CEDEX team departed to Changyuafip winery. By visiting the museums and joining the wine-tasting events, our staff has gained some knowledge about the differentiation of various wines. The company has also prepare a special moon-cake to match the wine. By the end of the event, every staff received a bottle of wine with his/her own picture as a souvenir to memorize this special moment.

The mid-autumn festival is coming and we hope the trip to Great Wall and Changyuafip Winery could bring a relaxing moment and joyful memory for our staff.

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CEDEX announces the relocation of Beijing Office and launching of Wuhan Office

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On April 19, China Enterprise online Data Exchange Service Ltd. officially moved our Beijing headquarters office to Zhongguancun Yihao, which is located is located in Zhongguancun Science City, with a total construction area of ​​500,000 square meters. This landmark building has integrated high-end services with corporate offices as well as commercial properties. The relocation of CEDEX is an important move of our strategic development this year. We will continually provide our customers with qualified and professional services, and we also looking forward to enlarging our team and find more opportunities to cooperate with customers home and abroad. 

At the same time, the Wuhan office of CEDEX will also be officially launched after the May Day holiday in 2021. The post-Covid Wuhan has once again become a core city of transportation, medical care, and technology in China. The opening of the Wuhan office is also a long-awaited important strategic development for CEDEX. The Wuhan office will be mainly responsible for the function of project implementation and customer service. This is also a pioneer project of distance-working of the post-covid era.

CEDEX is proud to announce our relocation and we are looking forward to working together and developing together with our high-tech neighborhood in Zhongguancun Yihao. The launch of the Wuhan office will also be a good opportunity for CEDEX to explore the enormous market of digital supply chain in China. 

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CEDEX obtained Odette certification on Global MMOG/LE v5 training partner

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After nearly a year of preparation, CEDEX Training Team obtained the Odette certification on Global MMOG/LE v5 training partner qualification on October 28, 2020. In accordance with the requirements of the training syllabus, CEDEX training team completed a unified training lesson preparation plan and passed Odette’s acceptance review.

There are 16 modules in the MMOG/LE v5 training course. Trainees who are qualified to complete the standard training courses can obtain a training certificate jointly issued by AIAG, Odette and CEDEX. The qualified trainees are generally recognized by the international automotive industry and have the ability to independently carry out MMOG/LE assessment.

CEDEX has long been committed to the promotion and application of the global material management operation guide/logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) industry standard in the Chinese automobile industry. In addition to applying technology platforms to help Chinese auto parts suppliers provide technical services in accordance with MMOG/LE industry standards, CEDEX also actively participates in the support and training, and education of users of this industry-standard in China. CEDEX actively participates in the preparation and formulation of the global training syllabus of MMOG/LE v5 organized by Odette.

The 2021 training course is initially expected to be held on April 16 and September 10.