IMG_2510On 3rd March 2017, Mr. Zengrong Ma, Chief President of CALA and Mr. Mingguang Cheng, Vice President of CALA as well as CEO of Cedex, were invited to join the release conference of Hybrid Cloud of vTradEx. Focuses on Transportation Management System for more than 10 years, vTradEx is now a leading enterprise in logistic market in China. vTradEx provides services for different customers from various industries, which include transportation, medical care, automotive industry, electronic business,etc. This conference is aiming in connecting private and public cloud services as a hybrid system for providing a better and professional services for more customers. Cedex appreciates work of vTradEx and being willingly to embrace a standardized logistic market in the foreseeable future and being a pioneer together with vTradEx in creating era of logistic 4.0.