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8月6日,在北京新冠肺炎疫情等级刚刚降低为三级的情况下,可附特公司总经理李忠求到访中企永联(其客户沃尔沃轿车的供应商EDI服务商)公司,交流如何实现沃尔沃轿车客户的“需求预测(DELFOR)和订单数据(CALL OFF)与其内部管理ERP系统的业务集成方案,以便更好地满足“客户要求”,通过Global MMOG/LE v5的年度评审。北京可附特汽车零部件制造有限公司是一家韩资企业,主要经营范围包括生产、组装、加工发动机排放控制装置、空气滤清器等。

经过交流,双方就如何合作,通过持续提升可附特与客户沃尔沃轿车及其2-n级供应商之间的供应链数字化水平,做出一个客户MMOG/LE v5版本要求的标杆(Benchmark);同时,中企数据将在现有整车厂合作伙伴中,推荐可附特的专有技术产品和服务。

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Beijing KFTEC has visited CEDEX for supply chain development

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On August 6, as the health-alert standard just decreased to Level 3 in Beijing, Mr. Zhongqiu Lee, Manager of Beijing KFTEC, has visited CEDEX (who is providing EDI services for Volvo Cars and automotive suppliers) for better communication on the DELFOR and  CALL OFF of Volvo Car’s clients, as well as their internal management business integration scheme of ERP system. The technology can help the enterprises to meet customer requirements and qualified for through Global MMOG/LE v5 annual review. Beijing KFTEC Auto parts Manufacturing Co., LTD. Is a Korean invested enterprise. The main business scope of the company includes production, assembly and processing of engine emission control devices, air filters, etc.

After communication, the two parties made a Benchmark for the MMOG/LE V5 version of the customer by continuously improving the digital level of the supply chain between Volvo Cars as well as the 2-n tier suppliers. Meanwhile, CEDEX will help KFTEC to explore the market among CEDEX’s existing OEMs partners.