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中企数据通过Odette国际OFTP2 2019操作测试认证

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中企数据自主开发的协同商务应用互联网安全数据传输软件CeA-oftp2 v3.0日前通过了欧洲远程传输数据交换组织Odette International Ltd OFTP2 2019用例的互操作测试认证,完全符合OFTP2 (IETF RFC-5024)互联网安全数据传输协议规范。

中企数据的CeA-oftp2 v1.0曾于201610月首次通过Odette组织互操作测试并获得认证。该序列产品遵循国际互联网安全数据传输协议标准,具有通道加密、文件电子签名加密、签名确认、开放互联等特点,得到了国际汽车制造行业的广泛认同,是现在业界最先进的技术之一。中企数据是第一家开发出完全符合OFTP2.0标准的互联网安全数据传输软件的亚洲企业,其CeA-oftp2 序列产品已经在国内外部署了100套以上。

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CEDEX passed the OFTP2 2019 test by Odette International

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The internet security data transmission software CeA-oftp2 v3.0, the collaborative business application independently developed by CEDEX, has passed the interoperability test certification of the European remote transmission data exchange organization Odette International Ltd OFTP2 2019 use case, which is fully compliant with internet secure data transmission protocol OFTP2 (i.e.IETF RFC- 5024).

CeA-oftp2 v1.0 of CEDEX passed the Odette interoperability test for the first time in October 2016. This serial product follows the international Internet secure data transmission protocol standard, and has the characteristics of channel encryption, file electronic signature encryption, signature confirmation, and open interconnection. It has been widely recognized by the international automobile manufacturing industry and is one of the most advanced technologies in the industry. CEDEX is the first Asian company to develop Internet secure data transmission software that fully complies with the OFTP2.0 standard. The products with serial number CeA-oftp2 have been deployed in more than 100 sets at home and abroad.



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All IKEA stores in Beijing have officially resumed business.

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After the reopening of business, the business hours have adjusted from 10:00 to 18:00. During the pandemic prevention period, IKEA restaurants, children’s playgrounds and maternal and child rooms were temporarily closed. The use of central air-conditioning was suspended in the mall, the fresh air system was opened to enhance ventilation, and no-disinfection hand sanitizer was provided for customers. IKEA employees also wear masks and maintain a safe distance of 1 meter when providing services.

After reopening of business, customers continue to visit the store in order. In order to cooperate with epidemic prevention and control and protect the health and safety of customers and employees, the mall limits passenger flow during peak hours. Guests wear masks and cooperate with temperature measurement.