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CEO of CEDEX has visited Volvo Cares US plants in South Carolina

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On August 22-23, 2017, Mr. Mingguang Cheng, CEO of Cedex made a courtesy call and a onsite visiting to Volvo Cars US plant located at Volvo Cars Dr., Ridgeville, about 40 miles North-West from Charleston International Airport and its temporary office in South Carolina Research Authority building at Summerville. Mr. Keith M. Arnold, the Supplier Logistics Assurance (SLA ) Manager, and his team welcomed Mr. Cheng and have a meeting to discuss the new requirements and the status of supplier EDI projects of all the 41 suppliers from ASAP,  32 of them located in China Mainland on August 23rd Morning.


Both parties discussed the detailed requirements and the supplier EDI implementation issues related to all the ASAP suppliers. The updated requirements are as follows:

1)  From now on for all the suppliers, the EDI status must be 30 which means that all the suppliers must receive and deal with DELFOR messages automatically from Volvo Cars US plant;

2)  Week 51 of 2017, the EDI status for all the suppliers must be 60 which means all the suppliers can send ASN messages to Volvo US plant via Volvo EDI Gateway in Gothenburg which must meet the new specification DESADV D07A;

3) Week 06 of 2018, the EDI status for all the suppliers must be 80 which means all the suppliers can create qualified OTL2 labels in  pdf format which need to send a softcopy to HCL to pass the pdf label validation;

4) Week 19 of 2018, the EDI status for all the suppliers must be 100 which means all the suppliers can print out qualified OTL2 paper labels which need to deliver to HCL to pass the paper label validation.

 At the end, Keith remarked that all the suppliers of Volvo US plant must be use full EDI, no WebEDI allowed.


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David Wei of CEDEX has completed Volvo MMOG/LE training program

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27th. July, 2017- 30th, July, 2017, David Wei of CEDEX has successfully completed Volvo supplier MMOG/LE training program hold by VOLVO China in Chengdu. The certificate of training is delivery by David Pansinger, VP SQ of Asia Pacific.  CEDEX and VOLVO are working closely, and CEDEX is gradually taking an significant role in MMOG/LE training program for VOLVO suppliers.

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CEDEX joined Odette 2017 in Berlin

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2017 May, 15-16, Odette 2017 International Conference and Exhibition was hold in Berlin, Germany. There are more than 150 automotive supply chain relatedenterprises, together with around 300 experts around the world join the conference.IMG_5464

The topic of Odette 2017 is “Where automotive logistics and automotive IT come together”. Based on this theme, various seminars and presentations were delivered to the audience. With globalization and informatization, supply chain management in Middle-East, Asia, Africa and South-America increasingly become an important issue. Managers from Continental Group, Michelin, and DHL as well as other important automotive manufactures and logistic service providers shared their experience in expanding business in the uprising developing countries. Meanwhile, since the unpredictable economical and political status after Brexit, and the frequent natural hazard, Automotive Supply Chain Risk Management is also a crucial issue of the conference.

IMG_5407CEDEX, as the mere Chinese EDI service provider join the conference, was frequently visited by different European automotive enterprises. Together with CALA, who was invited as a special guests of Odette to join the conference, CEDEX had a very productive and progressive conversation with the Chair of Odette Ms. Ingrid Lundberg. Odette 2017 international conference provides CEDEX a great opportunity to meet and explore our business partners and business opportunities globally.