CEDEX was founded in August 2005 and is now a leading and licensed EDI services provider in China. The company is recognized as the first EDI value added telecommunications service license holder in China, aiming to provide 7/24 secured data transmission, ERP integration and EDI applications both on customer premises and in the cloud, which is cooperated with partners all over the world.

CEDEX works as an e-commerce data exchange platform for the Chinese automotive industry (China e-AutoHub) and EDI service provider. CEDEX provides services to first-tier suppliers including Chang’an Ford, BMWBrilliance , Beijing Foton Daimler, Volvo Auto, Volvo Trucks, Foton Motor, Brilliance Automotive and France Ingredi, Continental Automotive, etc. EDI’s direct connection (B2Bi) and Web-based supply chain business collaboration services. By the end of 2017, the China e-AutoHub platform has accessed more than 500 suppliers’ corporate customers, and its annual transaction volume has exceeded RMB 72 billion. In terms of international cooperation, CEDEX also launched the Global Network Alliance (NA), which expands application and number of users of the China e-AutoHub platform, enabling qualified domestic suppliers connect directly with international OEMs and join the world market. 

Since the establishment of CEDEX, the company has successively undertook projects such as the planning and construction and operation of the “B2B online commerce platform” supported by the National Development and Reform Commission, as well as projects supported by the Electronic Development Fund of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Beijing Municipal Innovation Fund. CEDEX owns the first value-added telecommunications business license on “online data processing and transaction processing business”. CEDEX also recognized by the ISO9001 2008 quality management system certification, meanwhile it is registered in Beijing Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises. The company has nearly 30 patents and software registration rights. Based on CEDEX’s experience, two publications namely “E-Commerce Data Exchange Standards and Applications” and “Intelligent Collaboration:Automobile Manufacturing Supply Chain Management in the Internet Age” are released recently.


Our Services

Cloud Computing Platform

Cloud Computing Platform of CEDEX provides a simplified supply chain EDI solution with an affordable price for players. This solution enables all the applications stored within the centralized platform to be shared by the business partners of any modern supply chain with recognized secured methods over public internet, meanwhile the business data maintenance could also be communicated between selected partners under the protection of Cloud Computing Platform.

China e-AutoHub

China e-AutoHub is a leading B2B online e-commerce platform; it is based on Electronic Data Interexchange (EDI) standards such as EDIFACT, ANSI X.12, VDA, etc. in order to provide EDI connection, data mapping and secured data transmission services and business partner management over internet for both buyers and their suppliers on a global level. It is an upgraded Value Added Network over Internet (VAN).

Network Alliance

A Network Alliance is a partnership in the EDI sector like the “Star Alliance” in civil aviation, which shares customer resources and saves service costs to stabilize the EDI data links between China and other countries. These service methods ensures the internet instability between two regions and reduce the costs of communication cross different countries.

Our Products

China e-AutoHub(EX0)

China e-AutoHub is a leading B2B e-commerce platform, which is based on electronic data interexchange (EDI) standards, OFTP2/AS2 reliable data transmission and secured user access management over the internet.

B2B data exchange system (EX6)

EX6 is an EDI based Supply Chain Collaboration Management software system for customer who acts as buyer and willingly to improve their relationships with low tier suppliers. EX6 system is functional in both Web EDI and EDI gateway, and considered as the most suitable products for enterprises of medium size and own a single ERP system with more than 100 suppliers.

B2B data exchange interface adaptor (DX0/DX1)

DX1 is a flexible EDI based B2B integration software system for ERPs including an ERP adaptor, data mapping software and secured communication tools. DX0 is a flexible EDI based application software system for non-ERP enterprises including Web EDI, data mapping software and secured communication tools.

Management Accounting Software - Rolling Budget Management

Rolling budget management software is designed for manufacturing management accounting. This software is able to realize functionalities in comprehensive management accounting subjects, annual rolling plans and annual actual cost rolling. This software can help the enterprise understand the relationship between the company’s product structure and actual costs/profits.

Electronic contract platform

The Electronic contract platform is an user-friendly platform for signing electronic contracts. Users may follow the instruction of each operation steps then construct a new contract with secure and reliable guarantee.


EX3 is a Supply Chain Collaboration Management Service on the Cloud used for Tier 1s to provide EDI services for their low Tier suppliers when they act as buyers in compliance with the Global MMOG/LE V4 EDI requirements from OEMs. EX3 is easy to implement when the Tier 1s gets already our DX1/DX0 customers.

Collaborative intelligence

Collaborative intelligence enables the enterprise to deal with invoice which connect to bank, enterprise, and purchasing department. Invoice will be uploaded and handle automatically on China e-AutoHub and providing convenience service for users.

Scheduling management software with Rolling Wave Planning

The production scheduling management software with rolling wave planning uses the existing BOM and inventory data of manufacturers, combines actual business experience, and focuses directly on components and produced to generate a special rolling plan for management.

CEDEX e-commerce Applications - Odette File Transfer Protocol v2 (CeA-oftp2)

CeA-oftp2 is a reliable and secured software which provides EDI data-transmission over internet from single file transfers in a non-often used environment up to high-availability environments for massive information and data exchange The solution meets the OFTP2 protocol authorized by Odette and offers a multi-functional package to meet the OFTP2-based requirements of our customers.

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Meet Our Team

CEDEX is proud to have professional and energetic team that oversees Market and Sales, Technique and Development, as well as Customer Services.

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Our Partners

CEDEX cooperates with major EDI services providers all over the world. In automotive industry we served 17 OEMs and more than 4200 suppliers by the end of 2015. The company acts as an RA of Odette CA and has established a Network Alliance with Encode AB in Sweden and Tenor EDI services in France.

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Culture of CEDEX

CEDEX believes in sustainable business. Specifically, this includes sustainable services, sustainable cooperation, and sustainable development.

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Peer Review

CEDEX is one of the best EDI services providers in China and has become a reliable partner to us. Working with CEDEX is such a pleasant business experience and we are confident of exploring the market in China.

EDIMaster Finland,

CEDEX/ENCODE is an EDI software supplier that fulfills VCC EDI requirements and together with VCC in Europe is qualified in providing EDI communication services. CEDEX/Encode has expansive knowledge regarding VCC's EDI specification and can provide support through understanding and explanation of EDI advantages. CEDEX/Encode's technical solutions can help VCC suppliers to improve efficiency, delivery performance and electronic communication.



Stay humble and active in learning.

June 29, 2018
CEDEX won the title of “Top 100 E-commerce case in supply chain”

On June 27, 2018, the fifth conference of Online Supply Chain Finance and Supply Chain e-commerce Innovation Promotion was held in Beijing. The theme of the conference was “Cooperation between all parties in the cross-border coordination to the win-win situation”. During the conference, ”Top 100 E-commerce Cases in the Supply Chain” were shared with all […]

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March 20, 2018
CEDEX act as RA of Odette CA in China Mainland for six years

Odette CA and CEDEX has closely cooperated since 2013. During the past years, both parties have successfully explored their markets in Europe and China. Odette CA continuously authorized CEDEX as their Registration Authority (RA) for the territory of China Mainland, and year 2018 the sixth year for CEDEX honorably acting as the RA of Odette […]

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January 12, 2018
Visiting of Generix Group to CEDEX

On 11th January 2018, during the visiting of President of France,Emmanuel Macron, french leading B2B software service provider Generix Group has paid a visit to CEDEX. Mr. Jean-Charles Deconninck, CEO of Generix Group, together with Mrs. Laurence Dugue who’s in charge of cooperation and marketing, and the rest of Generix Team have discussed the cooperation […]

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Meeting CEDEX, embracing Chinese EDI market.

A new era of industrial development is coming.